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Q: Why Asphalt Sealer?

A  There are many benefits as to why you should apply a Asphalt Sealer to your pavement, but here's just a few: Asphalt Sealer protects your pavement from the suns UV Rays. UV Rays causes the tar in asphalt to break down which causes your pavement to weaken and break. Applying a coat of sealer protects your pavement from the suns rays.  Another cause from the suns UV Rays is Oxidation which sealer also protects against. Weather and Chemical spills such as gas, oil and other fluids play a big factor in the longevity of your driveway as well.  

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Q: Why crack filler?

A  One main reason as to why you should fill your cracks is to prevent water from undermining your base and causing severe cracking to your pavement and erosion to your sub-base. A hot rubber tar works best. 

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